Cloud kitchen roll-ups & Rebel’s Unicorn round


Aditi Shrivastava

156 reads

Aditi Shrivastava

156 reads

New models are emerging in the cloud kitchen space—from consolidating small brands or launching new ones to licensing big chains for online delivery. Rebel Foods is busy fundraising as well as buying brands, Wow Momos is building its own brands, and Curefoods is developing a Thrasio-for-food model.

October 01, 2021


When Rebel Foods CEO Jaydeep Barman partnered with Wendy’s India in December for exclusive rights to the burger chain’s online deliveries, many saw the deal as an excellent way for India’s largest cloud kitchen business to increase utilization of its kitchens. 

Few understood Barman’s strategy to create and operate a house of delivery-only brands. Barman’s also been busy striking deals with established regional brands to scale them up as national food chains. Rebel is currently in talks to acquire leasing rights to scale Mad Over Donuts’s delivery operation, while also investing in Zomoz and Biryani Blues with a right to acquire these brands in the future, according to three people aware of the matter.

“The contours of each deal are different, ranging from strategic partnership to an investment. The underlying moat is the same: Rebel’s reach,” said an investor aware of the deal. Earlier this year, Rebel started a launcher program to license, invest and acquire food brands.

Barman is also busy closing an investment round. Rebel is currently valued at over Rs 6,010  crore ($820 million) after Coatue invested in it last year. 

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