Who We Are

The CapTable is crafted to hold a mirror to India’s dynamic new economy and enable you to make high-impact decisions. How did we arrive here?

For fast-growing companies, the capitalization table (cap table) details all the shareholders founders, employees, investors and the equity they own. It is reflective of the essence of a firm. We will bring that to you. Our team promises to always be predisposed to listening to all the sides of a story and delivering the closest version of the truth to you. This, we believe, is our wider moral responsibility to you, our readers.

Why now? India’s startup ecosystem has the world’s attention for the market potential it enjoys as well as its transformative innovations. This rapid growth, though, has brought with it noise and obscurity that we will help you declutter. We will empower you with breaking news, analysis, and sharp insights everything you will need to know to form an educated opinion for your decision-making.

An Independent Platform

Our parent organization, YourStory, gives voice to founders, investors and sundry other stakeholders in India’s new economy. It offers stories of grit, determination and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. It nurtures entrepreneurship also via events, branded content and partnerships with various stakeholders, including from the government and the tech ecosystem.

YourStory is not alone in its efforts. It is backed by venture capital investors and entrepreneurs who see value in its mission.

The CapTable, while bearing some of the same DNA, has the sensibilities of an optimistic critic. We are focused on delivering news and insights derived from diligent and independent research and reportage to decision makers around the world.

In this, we will never waver. You can depend on us for objective, incisive, fact-based articles on India’s new economy, its fast-growing digital companies, and the people behind them.

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*YourStory and its investors have zero influence on The CapTable’s editorial direction and decisions.