Pine Labs gets offline boost with latest acquisition


Pratik Bhakta

192 reads

Pratik Bhakta

192 reads

The Crux newsletter this week unpacks payments major Pine Labs’ investment in Mumbai-based Mosambee. This is its second big deal this year and underscores its full-stack ambitions

April 14, 2022


Payments player Pine Labs is set to gain deeper access to the market of small offline retailers after buying a majority stake in payments solution company Mosambee.

Its product suite will now boast mobile point-of-sale terminals and a lighter software platform, which banks use to process transactions at small merchant outlets. 

Mumbai-based Mosambee, known little outside banking circles, is a key partner of HDFC Bank. According to industry insiders, it works with three to four other lenders. It is estimated to have a merchant base of 1 million and manages about 600,000 terminals.

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