Solving for erections: How ED is fuelling the rise of male wellness startups


Bhumika Khatri

22 reads

Bhumika Khatri

22 reads

Millions of Indians experience erectile dysfunction (ED) and related issues, and because of stigma, they’ve had to suffer in silence. Help is at hand now, with startups serving up sexual healing solutions. Their model has drawn investments from B Capital, Sequoia and Nexus Venture Partners

June 16, 2022


“Come via Agra. You’ll see man’s greatest erection for a woman!”

Years ago, when Viagra began resurrecting long-dormant organs in bedrooms around the world, it was not unusual to see young men in India sporting witty T-shirts with the above message. Ironically, while they take great pride in the Taj Mahal, a monument of world renown, many Indians today are struggling with what is proving to be a monumental problem: weak erections. 

Messages posted in a chatroom on the app Discord — dedicated to discussions on erectile dysfunction (ED) — reveal how widespread the problem is and how much anxiety it is causing. Here are three from hundreds posted on the board, under the tag #sex-matters: 

User 1: “Hey folks, I’m 29. I’m experiencing psychological erectile dysfunction. I get morning wood. I get turned on while stimulating myself. I get aroused during foreplay. But as soon as I try to put on a condom, I wilt. How do I overcome this? Any suggestions? I have been to every doctor possible.”

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