A big week for India’s semicon self-reliance


Raghav Mahobe

15 reads

Raghav Mahobe

15 reads

Having been stung by the COVID-induced microchip shortage, India continues to make strides in its quest to reduce its dependence on semiconductor imports.

January 12, 2024


It’s no secret that the pandemic-induced microchip shortage hit Indian industry hard. With the country completely dependent on imports for semiconductor chips, Indian companies were forced to scramble to get their hands on these critical devices, which serve as the foundation for most electronic devices.

This shortfall saw Maruti Suzuki, India’s top car manufacturer, suffer a staggering production loss of 170,000 units in the year ended March 2023. And even though the chip shortage has slowly eased over the past few quarters, India is all too aware how easily such disruptions can reoccur. Especially since a significant proportion of chips currently originate from a select few countries.

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